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Travel deals for young and old

Travelling around the world should not be left to those that can afford it. Instead it should be made available to everyone so that we could all benefit from broader horizons that invariably comes with travelling overseas. You get to experience all kinds of new things, meet new people that come from completely different cultures and backgrounds and you get to experience everything about them from their food to the way they party and have a good time. The entire experience will help you grow as an individual and you will get to see an entirely different side to the world. We often get caught up in our daily lives without even thinking about that there is a whole world out there that can be explored.

Taking your kids on a journey out into the provinces where they can get to see the countryside is a perfect place to start. You can find local travel deals that offer you guided tours around the country side, showcasing some of the best parts that your undiscovered country has to offer. You would be surprised at how quaint little places there are all over the place, hidden in the most unexpected locations that you could imagine. You can buy small trinkets and souvenirs to take back home with you to show that you were there. Something small to help you remember where you were and what it was like over there. It’s often a fun thing for your kids to experience when they are younger to get out and see the country side for a bit. The open air and open spaces often energises and inspires their minds. Depending on how far you need to travel to get to your destination and how long you are planning to stay, you would have to book something that fits that criteria and make sure it fits your budget requirements as well. All it takes it a quick trip to the store to get supplies for the journey, double check that you have packed all the necessary clothes and if you are driving to your destination then make sure the car is topped up or if you are flying somewhere, make sure you have the necessary papers if you are going across borders. Everyone will need to have it ready as well, or it back home for the lot of you until next time.

Spend a little more time and look out for affordable deals that will suite your pocket and you won’t regret it. Just make sure you are packed and ready when the perfect deal comes along.

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Travel Tips: How to Score the Best Hotel Deals

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Sonia Gil shows you the best way to book a hotel for your travels.

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Ireland Flights for Budget Travelers!

Here comes the good news for travelers traveling to Ireland. Special discounts have been announced by major airlines carriers on Ireland flights from various location of the world. Thus take the advantage of this offer and enjoy your trip to Ireland by opting for Ireland flights that are certainly going to save you substantial amount of money with which you can enjoy your trip to Ireland more lavishly.

Ireland flights can take you to wonderful journey of the castles and the green pasture. The country can offer you the best vacation that you can ever think of. After your trip to Dublin you can straight go to County Kerry known as Ireland’s majestic beauty. It is a tourist glitz, but pristine beauty is just minutes away such as Ireland’s two highest mountains, miles of moorland, and spectacular coastal vistas and an abundance of prehistoric and early Christian sites. Killarney and the Ring of Kerry are the most popular destinations, and Dingle Peninsula is the most beautiful sight in the country. The Shannon region has stunning scenery, Cliffs of Moher; Burren’s limestone, Aillwee Cave’s stalactites, stalagmites, and relics, Lough Derg; Atlantic seacoast; Shannon River; Slieve Blooms Mountains, and so much more. History buffs can explore sites such as Bunratty Folk Park, a sixth-century monastery, Celtic exhibits, and museums. Which ever city you are in, you can belly up to the bar for a stout and fish and chips, and introduce yourself to the locals. The friendliness in Ireland is second to none, and everyone is welcome in this treasured country. The peak season is summer but if you are taking Ireland flights to Dublin then it is busy all year round. Fall season prices tend to be bit lower, except for Dublin. However, seasonal hotels, restaurants, accommodations, and attractions usually close from early or mid-November.

Don’t delay! Book Ireland flights today by logging onto any of the various Meta search engines that provides travel services and also you can get the details of flights from Ireland. The deals on Ireland flights might not last long as they are subject to availability.

A mystical charm of Ireland is waiting for you!

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Cheap Travel for Families

Traveling with the whole family is truly expensive and daunting because there are lots of things to prepare ahead of time. What you don’t know is that there are lots of affordable vacations you can get from a lot of websites today even if you don’t have much budget for it. Having fun with the whole family is not as costly as it seems when you plan your trip ahead of time and made a thorough research about it.

The economic statues of various countries are down today and a lot of people are delaying the thought of traveling because they are thinking that going to places cannot be inexpensive at some point in their lives. A lot of families today opt to go to places to bond with the family and share some memorable experiences.

There are lots of options that are available today where you can do camping, hiking, trekking, cycling and a lot of things. There are also places where you can relax on the pool, swimming, snorkeling and a lot more. Families nowadays can afford to go places depending on the type of package tour you will avail.

There are lots of cheap accommodations in Asia today where you can fly anytime of the year. They are more affordable than going to Europe and in some other places in the Caribbean region where luxurious hotels are situated. If you are also coming from nearby place in Asia, it will be best for you to just visit adjacent country such as Hongkong, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and a lot more.

There are lots of cheap travel deals for families today. All of them are an inclusive package that includes hotel accommodations, air fare and transportation. It is vital for you to know that there are ways to save and still get a high quality travel you are opting to have.

When you travel and you want to save money, you can fly to any place in the world on Wednesday because this is the best time of the week where cheaper flights are available. When you travel, you need to get a lot of information because it is very important for you to know that there are lots of cheaper places to go where you will not spend a lot of money. Flying to places during off peak season will surely be beneficial.

You also need to decide when to fly; there are airlines today that are offering cheaper airfare because they need to get passengers anytime of the year that is why more often, you can come across airlines that are offering cheaper rates anytime of the year.

Making a thorough research is the key to enjoy a vacation without spending a lot of money. You also need to plan ahead of time so you can choose where to stay. There are villas that are cheaper than hotels and they are offering personalize approach too if you would like to get cheaper deals these days especially now that the economic is down. It is vital for you to look for cheaper travel because visiting the world shouldn’t be costly.

Try to visit and search cheap flights.

Graham Hughes, the first person to visit every country in the world without flying offers his expert advice on how to travel the world on a shoestring.

When asked how can I afford to travel so much, I feel like retorting with: how can you afford your rent? To keep a dog? To have children? To smoke? When I travel, I have no rent to pay, no dog to feed, no kids to look after or cigarette companies to support, so 100% of the money I have can go on travel. Keeping to a budget of a day is fairly easy if you’re CouchSurfing (free), eating street food ( a meal) and travelling on the chicken bus ( per 100 miles). That’s just 00 a year — less than a typical British cigarette smoker will spend on ciggies over the same period and much, much less than the rent on a flat in London or the cost of bringing up children.

“The toughest part of travel is deciding to go.”

Travel isn’t a question of being loaded, it’s a question of priorities. Obviously if you want comfort and security, stay at home, work hard and maybe go on a cruise when you’re 67 years old. If you’re lucky enough to live that long. But if you want to see the world NOW, while you’re young, rush headlong into the thrill and vigour of the unknown, wake up every day in a new place with new challenges and new friends, then the world is your dancefloor — all you have to do is make the decision to GET OUT THERE and strut your funky stuff.

To read about my Guinness World Record Breaking journey to every country in the world without flying visit htttp:// or you can watch the BBC documentary about my travels here: (UK Only)

Filmed on location in Sorong, West Papua and various places on Planet Earth.

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Common Reasons For International Travel To The Uk

The United Kingdom has for a long time been a place where tourists want to come and take a vacation, both tourists from within the UK’s Counties and Countries and further afield within the European Union, Asia, America, Africa and Australasia.


The UK has a vast history, which can be seen in every single corner of this little Country. It has been the home of many different races and fought over on countless occasions, in our most recent history the UK has been involved in many wars including the both world wars. At one stage the UK had the largest empire in the World and successfully controlled the waters with the most powerful naval fleet anyone had ever seen (at that point in time).

Ancestry trail

Many countries can trace their family tree back to the UK in some way or another, consider that many Scotch, English, Welsh, Cornish and Irish headed off to the new world to start a new life – several generations we would recognise these as residents of America and not the UK, however its highly likely that they have family in the UK or Europe. The same can be said for workforces – where there was a demand for skilled labour the UK resettled people far and wide, Cornish miners to New Zealand, Farmers to Australia etc.


The UK has had a big hand in the foundations of society and the writings of law, after all that great empire had outposts and rule over so many Countries which now have their own governments such as Canada and New Zealand.

Royal Family

The Queen of England Elizabeth II is still seen on coins throughout the world, namely the common wealth countries and I imagine she is the most portrayed person in the world – due to the number of different bank notes and coins she appears on. For this reason, her position of power, her generosity and everything that comes with being possibly the most recognised person alive today the royal family is a tourist attraction and good reason to visit the UK in its own right.

International travellers the world over have so many reasons to visit the UK, not just for the unpredictable weather conditions and all things considered traditional English, many people are connected to this little piece of land – just look at how many people live in the UK, it’s one of the most populated places in the planet.

The Cottage Boutique are a self-catering accommodation specialists for cottages in St Ives. For a taste of St Ives read our latest article on St Ives beaches.

Take a tour of Top 10 Travel Attractions of London, England – part of the World’s Greatest Attractions series by GeoBeats.

Hey, it is your host, Naomi. I would like to show you the top 10 attractions of London.

#10: St. Paul’s Cathedral – the seat of the bishop of London today. Five churches have been built here, with the first one in the 7th century.

#9: Trafalgar Square – a famous square in central London. At the center is Nelson Square, surrounded by fountains.

#8: The double decker bus – Take a ride in this London icon, a great way to tour the city.

#7: The Thames River cruise – Experience the city by water. Many of London’s attractions are visible from the cruise.

#6: Covent Garden – Literally a vegetable garden in the middle ages, today it is a hub of restaurants, pubs and shops.

#5: Tower of London – Built over 900 years ago, it is a historic landmark. Take a guided tour and learn about its many secrets.

#4: London Bridge – one of the world’s most famous bridges. Constructed in 1894, it is an engineering marvel.

#3: Houses of Parliament – Also known as Westminster Palace, it is the seat of London’s House of Lords and House of Commons.

#2: Buckingham Palace – This is the residence of the British monarch. The changing of the guard is not to be missed.

#1: The London Eye – Created for the millennium celebration, one of the world’s largest ferris wheels is a site to behold.

Thank you for watching our travel video series. See you next time.

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Visas For China Travel

There are several types of visas for China travel. This article will introduce you to the different types that are offered and the application form that you need to use to get them.

Types of Chinese Visas

The types of visas to China can be categorized according to either the purpose of your trip or the validity and number of entries.

There are eight different Chinese visas each represented by a letter of the alphabet. For example, travelers who travel to China for tourism will apply for an L visa. Those who go to engage in business will apply for an F visa. Crew visas are represented by the letter C, work visas by the letter Z, student visas by the letter X and resident visas by the letter D.

Foreign correspondents should apply for either a J-1 or J-2 visa depending on whether they intend to stay long-term or short-term respectively.

The Chinese consular services offer single-entry, double-entry and multiple-entry visas. Validity for single-entry or double-entry visas can be either 90 days or 180 days. Those who apply for a multiple-entry visa have the option of a validity of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. The last can only be obtain with special permission and is not offered on the application form.

The Chinese Visa Application Form

There is only one application form that can be used for every type of visa. It is only two pages long and is divided into seven sections. The first section requests personal information such as full name, date of birth, passport number and occupation. You will complete Section 2 with information about your visit to China. It is here that you choose the type of visa you want, the intended number of entries and validity.

Section 3 asks six questions about your health condition and Section 4 is reserved for contact information. Section 5 is for any special declarations you want to make and Section 6 is only necessary if the form is completed by a third party. Finally, Section 7 is where you sign and date the application.

It is very important that you complete the application form correctly and legibly. Any errors can cause delays in the process or, even, rejection of your request. A recent passport-style photo that is a full face, front view with a light background should be affixed to the application.

The Chinese government recommends that applicants submit their applications one month before their departure dates. However, they do offer express (2-3 business days) and same day rush processing services. All you need to do is make the request and pay an additional fee. Note, applications sent by mail are not accepted.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide for complete instructions on how to get a China travel visa or, if you are in a hurry, apply for an expedited China visa.

Travel video about destination China.
China’s Imperial City is located in the centre of its ancient Middle Kingdom, a gigantic and inscrutable empire beyond the Great Wall. The Imperial City is entered through the Gates of Heavenly Peace.After seven years of construction, Ming Emperor Zhu Di moved into his newly-established palace complex in which over eight thousand people lived in almost a thousand rooms. The palace served as both a residential and governmental seat to the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. A stone’s throw away from the old Summer Palace is the Garden of Harmonious Unity that was the favourite garden of the Emperor’s household who retreated to its cool lakeside shores during the humid months of summer. Close to Badaling the Great Wall Of China extends majestically across misty mountains. It is the largest Man-made structure in the world and was erected to protect the country from invasion from the North. The gigantic wall represented the division of two very different cultures. On one side the Central Asian Nomads and on the other the highly developed civilisation of the emerging Chinese Empire. Shanghai is a Gigantic City and a meeting point of both east and west. The shoreline is without a doubt the city’s main focal point and is a combination of past, present and future and contains the historic monuments and eye catching buildings of a great city. Famous explorer Marco Polo referred to Suzhou as the ‘Venice of the East’, a city that is particularly famous for its gardens. Many of its extremely elegant buildings are remnants of a glorious past. Yunnan´s most famous site is the unique Stone Forest Of Shi Lin, a forest of rock that extends for 27,000 hectares. Hong Kong is a city of the superlative with glimmering skyscrapers that seem to take root in the sky and one elegant building after another with shining glass and hi-tech facades. China is a world within a world!
Video Rating: / 5

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Book direct flights to Kathmandu and travel well in Thamel


Every city has something or the other, which is unique and interesting and interests tourists. Kathmandu in Nepal also has one such interesting spot called Thamel, a popular hotspot for every tourist in Nepal. Though the popularity of this place is quite old as it started during the days of the hippie movement in Nepal, it still invokes a lot of excitement and thrill to the tourists who come to Kathmandu. In fact, Thamel is said to be the hub of Kathmandu with many supermarkets, shopping plazas, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and so on. All this makes this part of the city a sought after destination where tourists like to stay and enjoy. If you haven’t been so lucky to visit Kathmandu so far, plan now by booking Cheap flights to Kathmandu for your next vacation. These days with so many Direct flights to Kathmandu, it is very simple to reach the city and spend a relaxing vacation at a very reasonable price.

Though thamel is a busy place full of activities, however, most low budget tourists who get accommodation at reasonable price here regard this as haven. Shopping is a popular activity of tourists in Thamel and you can buy anything under the sun in this area. If you are on a trekking tour to Nepal, you can buy all the required things from thamel such as track pants, jackets, and sleeping bags etc., at the best price available. There are many pre-base camps for mountaineers in Thamel where you can be a part of wide activities and things. Another fact about thamel is that this place also boasts of many quality restaurants where you can eat hygienic and delicious food. The restaurants here offer variety and taste.

Another benefit that Thamel offers is that this area is declared to be a full wi-fi zone in Kathmandu and that benefits tourists who want to remain in touch with the outside world through various wi-fi means. Along with all the good and interesting things, there are certain wicked elements as well that coexists in Thamel. So, you have to remain vigilant and conscious enough during your stay. You should not let yourself get ripped off or cheated while shopping. In addition, if you are with family, you should make sure that you choose to stay in a family hotel, as there are many red light areas and activities that go around in thamel. However, despite these small displeasing things, Thamel still is a good place to be in or to visit during your stay in Kathmandu. And for visiting Thamel you first have to fly to Kathmandu. So book direct flights to Kathmandu or any of the cheap flights to Kathmandu and visit this interesting vicinity in the city.

To know more about Kathmandu and travel well in Thamel or find Cheap flights to Kathmandu OR direct flights to Kathmandu please visit our website for further details.

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Travel to China – Hangzhou

Hangzhou, as the heaven on earth, has some unique cultural aspects that cannot be found in any other cities in the world. With the constant progress of all kinds of tourist elements, Hangzhou is no longer quiet but colorful. All kinds of entertainment ways are just like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Modern KTVs, Disco balls, bars, and tea houses are here and there. Hangzhou people really live high-quality life.

Tea House:
The tea houses are full of commercial atmosphere in recent years. But in Hangzhou, they still keep the ancient style. Located in the Qiwang Road, there is a famous tea house. It is said a famous minister in Southern Song Dynasty retired here. In the surroundings, there are full of ancient architectures in the 1920s. The tea house connects the tea with the culture of the Southern Song Dynasty. The waiters are brewing the tea at presence. The tea sets are made up of famous celadon. This place is very suitable for people to talk with friends and do some business affairs. In such a quiet and gentle tea house, you may enjoy the unique atmosphere of the tea culture.

Enjoying the West Lake at night:
The West Lake at night is perfectly beautiful. The Hubin Road is the best place to visit the West Lake and go shopping. There are a lot of stores selling famous brand things. Due to the fashionable and new architecture, it wins a lot of international prizes. And near the West Lake, there is a music fountain against the beautiful West Lake. It is a romantic experience to walk in it.

In a tea house, two performers are showing tea art.


Sitting on the luxury dragon boat to enjoy the West Lake at night is a nice experience.

Bars and Coffee shops:
Hangzhou people like to entertain themselves in bars and coffee shops. There is a famous bar street called Nanshan Road Bar Street. The bars are beautiful and romantic. Many young people love them. They can show endless energy and youth. And in coffee shops, you can get a feeling of high taste. Usually, the coffee powder is grinded at presence and is boiled in the coffeepot. It keeps the original aroma and sweet in the coffee bean. Moreover, the coffee beans are bought from the original producing areas. It can make sure guests may enjoy the fresh and pure coffee.

In addition, the Hangzhou Future World is the biggest outdoor theme park in Asia. You can get an unforgettable experience there! The West Lake International Golf Club is very popular in the entertainment industry. There are two big golf courts there. Also, there are other public ways of entertainment, such as KTV, taking a bath in hot springs, body building, and so on.

All kinds of bars are shining at night.


Bars are the best place for young people to release pressure.

All in all, coming to Hangzhou, you must be attracted by its beautiful scenery with a lot of legends. And you must not leave here without experiencing some special ways of entertainment. You can visit China Odyssey Tours to get more information about this.

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Continue to enjoy West Lake photo tour

A recommended 3-day Hangzhou tour

China Odyssey Tours – A China-based company provides tour packages for family, couple, individual & group. Help you plan & organize your tour to China according to your preferences.

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